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When searching for furniture, finding something you like isn’t usually a problem. It’s finding something affordable that you like that’s the real challenge. The Leah bedroom collection is changing this dilemma, one classic piece at a time.


Furnishing a bedroom can be a costly undertaking. For many trying to do so on a budget, it’s all a matter of compromise. Settling on less appealing pieces because they cost less is no way to furnish your home. Enjoy the feeling of loving what you buy without guilt or sacrifice. Leah makes shopping simple and painless, especially when compared to the sticker-shock of other brands.

Tip: Use the money saved buying Leah furniture to add small but lavish touches to your bedroom. Drapes, area rugs and a quaint lamp will add a classic charm you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford!



Simple design and basic colour mean versatility when putting an ensemble together. With the low price of Leah’s line of bedroom pieces, it’s easy to create your personal paradise. It’s also easy to make changes in decor, and still have an artistically coordinated room. When you purchase furniture with complicated or unique design, your design choices are limited and stagnant, unless you replace every piece in the collection whenever you decide to redecorate. Leah bedroom furniture is available in walnut, oak, beech or a soft white finish. All of which effortlessly coordinate with a wide range of colours, patterns and trimmings.

Tip: The functionality of Leah wardrobes extends to many areas. Imagine how charming one would look in a hallway for winter coats, scarves and gloves. Or if you’re using one in a small bedroom, select a model with mirrors to make it look bigger.



The Leah line is well constructed and durable, making it a sound investment decision for consumers who couldn’t be bothered to replace furniture every other year. The simple design makes for reliable and lasting performance. Since all of the drawers on the Leah bedroom furniture have reinforced bottoms and solid runners, they can absorb the impact of everyday use for years. Economical and durable means you’re not just spending money, you are investing it.

Tip: When your new Leah bedroom furniture arrives, make sure you rearrange your furniture carefully, to avoid injury. Use two people with particularly heavy items, and sliders whenever necessary.


The only thing better than finding great quality furnishings for your home is finding them for less. Leah bedroom furniture combines style, performance and affordability into a new standard of classic.

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