Privacy Policy

We’re Committed to Your Privacy

The Furniture Department is committed to protecting your details and privacy at all times. In the Privacy Policy below are outlines of what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it and how we protect it.


How We Collect and Use Your Information

For newsletters, we collect only your name and email address. This information is collected to provide a better service to all our customers who wish to be notified of any charges to the company or business, including new products, deals .etc.

During the payment process the information collected to complete the service is, your name, address, contact number, email address and credit/debit card details (unless you have paid via PayPal).

The information we (The Furniture Department) collect is for our use only. We do not pass on any information to any 3rd parties unless given users consent.

You can request a copy of your information that we hold on file at any time.

Changes to your information can also be amended at any time, for these types of request you can contact us my email, phone, fax or by filling out our contact form.



At times we may use small files, known as Cookies to gather information on the usage of our website.

Cookies are sent from our servers to your computer to record and measure usage on the website, this process is for our information only to use for marketing and research. Cookies may also be used to remember what items you had in your shopping cart. Cookies DO NOT store or obtain any personal information from you or your computer. Cookies are used by the majority of websites across the Globe.

Cookies can be deleted from your computer at any time, for more information on Cookies, please visit

The Furniture Department would like to hear your thoughts on our website and policies. Please feel free to send us your thoughts via the details on our contact page.