Premium Memory Cool Gel – 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

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The Premium Memory Cool Gel 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress is our premium gel foam mattress, the mattress benefits from 2000 pockets and a generous layer of Cool Memory Gel Foam.

The 2000 pocket spring unit is housed in a box like structure providing support system around all four sides of the mattress.

The Premium Memory Cool Gel 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress is integrated with a zero motion transfer effect which means no ‘roll off effect’, each individual can sleep independently on their back, side or front.


Product Description

The Memory Gel


More open cell to move heat and humidity better than standard foam. The secret to Kaygel™ breathability, is the more open cell design, which means the foam can dissipate moisture and humidity away from the sleeper’s micro-climate, resulting in a more comfortable sleeping temperature.

Pressure Relief:

Contours your body shape to relieve pressure peaks Kaygel™ is designed to help prevent the aches and strains that can be caused during sleep by pressure peaks. The foam adapts to the curves of the body to allow the hips and shoulders sink comfortably, which ensures a more even and comfortable distribution of body weight.

Optimal Support:

Resilient foam, retains shape, for long lasting body support Kaygel™ was researched and developed using the latest advances in foam materials, to ensure that the foam does not dip or form excessive body impressions. By holding its shape, your body gets even longer lasting support.

Tencil Fabric

The Tencil fabric is a natural cellulosic fibre derived from the essence of the eucalyptus tree. Tencel gives the skin a cool and refreshing feeling and conducts moisture well. Tencel is cellulosic fibre with the greatest tensile strength. Tencel fabrics are as durable as polyester while being soft as silk and cool as linen.

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