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Great pieces of furniture have a purpose. It’s all too easy, after all, to pick up a table somewhere and bring it home only to realise that you’re not sure where to put it or what to do with it. One of the great aspects of a telephone table, then, is the way in which it serves a clear function: It’s where your telephone handset rests. Sure, mobile phone usage is widespread nowadays, but home telephones retain their popularity, and even their charm. Plus, with landlines, you don’t have to worry about pricey data charges or your phone running out of power.

You can display objects besides phones on telephone tables as well: a framed photograph perhaps, or maybe a flowerpot or a trophy. What’s more, these tables generally come with drawers or shelves to store telephone-related items: a phone book, a personal address book, a pen and pad of paper for jotting down notes, or even an old, outdated cell phone that you might keep for emergencies. And if you don’t habitually use such items, you can just store any other objects you might have lying around the house. In the process, you’ll reduce some of that clutter that so often builds up inside homes.

A telephone table is an especially good option for a living room because, when placed there, you can conduct phone calls in comfort. That’s because the cushiest pieces of furniture for sitting that you own are likely in your living room: your couch and your reclining chairs. Further, people who work from their homes might especially appreciate telephone tables. They can set up such tables in quiet spots, then they always have private places in which to converse with clients or supervisors.

Telephone tables also contribute to the overall ambiance of interior spaces. For example, if you were to purchase one of our tables, you’d enhance the beauty of whichever room you placed it in. These pieces of furniture, the Lisbon Telephone Table and the Seville Telephone Table, feature elegant, timeless designs. In addition, these tables blend in well no matter a room’s architectural style, color scheme, or overall motif. In short, they’re classy and attractive. Even more important – especially for homeowners with young children or four-legged pets – these tables are extremely sturdy, solid in their construction through and through.