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When the master bedroom feels more like a storage unit than a comfy retreat, consider getting rid of clutter and downsizing. Replacing that once-fashionable bulky king bed with a double bed with storage can make the space look bigger. A common decorating mistake, huge beds eat up too much space in an average size room.

Combine Comfort with Common Sense

Eliminating unnecessary furniture and accessories helps make a small room look bigger. But, removing a huge bed is one of the most dramatic ways to open up a room. Look at double beds with storage as an efficient option for your bedroom. Double beds with storage provide ample room for sleeping and storing. The smaller size bed doesn’t sacrifice on style or comfort. You can still snuggle into a high-end mattress or choose from a wide variety of bed styles and finishes. A clean simple style can make an elegant statement without demanding too much space.


Go with Sleek Modern Lines

Platform beds are the hottest trend in bedroom furniture. The sleek lower lines of the platform style allow an open view of the whole room without the interruption of a chunky bed. For couples sharing limited space, downsizing to a double bed with storage can help open up a room. Storage drawers can be built under both sides of the platform frame eliminating the need for a dresser or other furniture to store clothing. The platform style requires a mattress but no box spring is needed. The platform gives support for the mattress.


Check Out Multi-Purpose Furniture

If your living space requires using the same room for different functions, multi-purpose furniture is a practical solution for shared space. Place several large pillows at the back of a single bed to use as seating space for watching TV. Remove the extra pillows when it’s bedtime. A comfortable couch in a living room can transform into a place to sleep. Fold down or pull out couches can also double as seating and sleeping space. Bunk beds are another alternative in maximising space. Some bunks function more like a loft with a bed on top and a desk or seating space under the bed.

Although double beds with storage can be a perfect space solution for some shoppers, it might not be the best choice for others. It’s all about style and individual needs. Replacing an old bed and its worn out mattress with new pieces can make a big difference in functionality. A new bed can also contribute to a good night’s sleep.