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Slider wardrobes are an outstanding way to have a handy and roomy storage area and, at the same time, make economical use out of the necessary space in which to place it, especially in a small bedroom. It is wise to make maximum use of the limited space available and also have an attractive piece of furniture to enhance the look of your bedroom and to give the room a savvy and enticing statement of your individual distinctive design ideas.

Optimising space is a serious and often important detail when planning how to design a small room for the best use of its dimensions. Our Nikko slider wardrobe has sliding doors and stylish metal handles and, with its rich walnut finish, adds a touch of charm and beauty to your room. You’ll be amazed at how well this type of wardrobe will help you manage and free up space in your bedroom. By the doors not opening outward into the room, it requires much less of an area.

The Nikko slider wardrobe conceals a wide hanging rail and a shelf for storage solutions. Being able to neatly store your suits, slacks, shirts or blouses, dresses, shoes, scarves, belts, handbags and other accessories makes life so much easier when it comes to choosing what to wear each day. You want a place where you can quickly find everything you need for the day’s wardrobe because it is neatly arranged on the rail or shelf. You may even want to put extra shelves inside the wardrobe to make the stacking of like items even more helpful.

Hiding clutter is also a plus. When you have visitors, you need somewhere to quickly stash some of the things to make your bedroom look tidy. The closed doors give you the opportunity to make your room into a neat place and only display a portion of your special possessions that you want to leave out.

The Nikko slider wardrobe is a durable product with impressive materials and quality fittings such as sliding door tracks, large rollers for a smooth gliding operation, castors, fixing blocks and shelf brackets. The wardrobe comes flat packed, is easy to assemble, and becomes one of the most used pieces of furniture in one’s home with its constant opening and closing as you change from work clothes to dressy ones to go out for the evening.

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